Top 5 iOS Games This 2016

Pokemon Go

Well, obviously Pokemon Go is the latest craze around the world. No one ever thought the this very old nintendo game (which I use to play on my gameboy advance) would make a huge comeback. But to date, it has taken the world by surprise and it seems that every one who holds an iphone or an android are hunting for a pokemon. There are even a number of people looking for pokemon go cheats and trick the game that they are actually walking around to catch a pokemon. I for one quickly got addicted to the game and while I use to play with COC, now, its all pokemon all day. Not to mention that all my crew in the guild are asking to suspend all wars for the next month so they too can hunt for pokemons. haha

Game of War: Fire Age

Another top game is Game of War: Fire age and even though this has been a long game, it still gathers so many gamers around the world because of its unique gameplay and setup. Build and conquer has always been a very good approach in any game and this one has certain hit the spot.

MineCraft Pocket Edition

Another game that plays with the mind and creativity of kids and adult alike is Minecraft. With its pocket edition, playing the game has become even more handy and exciting. See, this game allows you to create your own world according to your liking and it just don’t care what you want. And that is exactly why this game continues to evolve and improve because of the creativity that it interacts with its gamer. Making it even more unique and different from other games.

Mobile Strike

Mobile Stike is another war game with strategy and tactics in place. Not only that, it is also one of the top grossing games for the iOS platform. Why? because it is another build and conquer game and it certainly made a very good approach to the gamers. Not to mention the use of modern real life technolgy making it real and keep gamers connected to real life warfare.

SimCity Buildit

Still this game continues to amaze me as the once super game that requires so much processing power just to played is actually now playable in a mobile device. A for that alone, all SIMCITY fans have flocked and come to play the game. Forget those who loves to cheat SimCity BuildIt because it is still fun to play. Besides you are the mayor of your own town and there is no point of comparison or competition against another gamer. Except it still is a huge game earner because it tickles the mind of gamers and their impatience to quickly grow and advance the city. So even if it is a free to play game, it still rakes in so much money for it developer EA.

Sims Freeplay

Still another EA game and has been quiet around for a long time. The video from shows you some real awesome tricks and hacks and its definitely on my todo list this weekend! TheĀ unique way of letting once imagination and desire to live another’s life that makes this game a hit. I mean, who is not familiar or might not have played SIMS. From its very first episode to the latest ones and to even newer platform, it is still the very same story of raising a SIM in a way you want to be. The idea of role playing once life in a controlled environment has always been every woman or mans desire and that is why this game will always be a hit.

Fifa 17

While FIFA 17 is not yet out, I am already pumped up and ready for it. I even already started researching for fifa 17 cheats from players who had a beta test with the game. Lots of love for this game and when it comes, I am sure to be the first to try it. Just look at all the new stuff they have added! Again, I salute the developers of this game. You certainly made my 2016 year so much more exciting!